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Production services Cuba – the heart of the Caribbean

Covid update August/September 2021: Cuba is still under quarantine, with a 5-day obligatory stay in a Government assigned hotel. Besides that you might ask how can you produce in Cuba right now. Our answer is that Cuba is in our heart and soul, that we discovered the Island 27 years ago, that our first production was carried out there in 1999. But right now, we do not recommend traveling to Cuba for your photo or video shoots. You have seen the news, there is unrest due to overall shortages on the Island at the moment. We set our hopes on a peaceful agreement between the Government and the protesters and we look forward to taking our clients to our heartland again very shortly.

“What does Havana look like today?” That’s a common question the team at 7 Seas Productions are asked. The political landscape has evolved in recent years and with it, so too has the island. Two things remain unchanged, the incredible locations and the friendly locals. If it’s photo and film production services in Cuba you need, you can’t go past 7 Seas!

Cuba’s narrative is nowhere more clearly written than on its architecture. The bold-colored houses reflecting the warm people, the peeling paint revealing a complex past and the restoration of the city’s most precious buildings, a sign of a bright future.

We have unbeatable access to the very best locations in Cuba thanks to our 20+ years on the island. And Cuba is so much more than just vibrant Havana, there are also some of the best beaches the world knows in Cayo Coco, only a short distance from the capital. Pristine and perfect. And the rich, rural tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio offer a surprising view of the country. In terms of photo and film production services, Cuba really has it all!

7 Seas is a mix of European and long-serving local team members, giving clients world-class producers armed with local knowledge. After all, it’s essential to speak “Cuban” in Cuba! 7 Seas handles all of the customs processes, visas, and other paperwork, along with booking crew dinners, organizing transportation and equipment rentals, and everything else in between, like having extra Ibuprofen and phone chargers on standby. It’s all part of our service.

Who has come to Cuba with 7 Seas? We have worked with Hermès, GQ for Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, and Zimmermann to provide quality production services in Cuba. If you are considering Cuba for your next production campaign, don’t hesitate to call us today!


Havana city, picturesque beaches and colourful interiors and exteriors. Let us take you to Cuba!

Havana Old City – All The Charm You Would Expect

This energetic city lives up to its expectations. Everything you would hope to capture is within reach and at the same time, each client we bring here ends up with a campaign or editorial that is uniquely theirs. Over the years we have gained access to every inch of Havana city for production service purposes.


Havana Grand Interiors – Decadent and Rich With History

Beyond the historical centre lies an eclectic Havana; and an Art Deco Havana; and a modern 1950s Havana. The city has an immense and valuable architectural heritage of different periods and styles. And the colour and vibrancy of the buildings are paired perfectly with their interiors. Filled with neoclassical decadence, an abundance of space and awash with rich colour.

Cayo Coco Beaches – Stretches of Paradise

The irresistible beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo cover almost the entire length of the northern coastline. Put together they represent more than 20km of magnificent beaches and this expanse of sandy beach is separated only by points of rocky shoreline. The film & video production possibilities at Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo really are endless.

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Pinar del Rio – A Different Window Into Cuba

The city and province of Pinar del Rio is situated in the west of Cuba and has some of the most important tobacco cultivation land in the world. The true drawcard of this region is the rural and natural abundance on offer. Here is home to the Viñales Valley, characterized by steep-sided limestone hills and flat fertile valleys.